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Are all of your products Vegan & Cruetly-Free?

Yup. All of 'em.

Are all of your products Sulfate Free?


Are all of your products Paraben Free?

No Parabens here!

Are all of your products Phthalate Free?

Heck yeah they are!

Are your hair products color safe?

Yes! You are good to go.

Are all of your products Gluten Free?

Yup, BUT please note that our manufacturing facilities are not gluten-free certified. With an allergy, we always best recommend consulting with your health physician before starting any new products.

Are all of your products Silicone Free?


What is Phenoxyethanol?

We all know that feeling when you go to grab that organic produce from the fridge and even though it feels like you bought it a second ago, that once vibrant produce has spoiled. Without a bit of help from a preservative, this would also happen to your haircare and skincare products. That's why we have chosen to use less than 1% of the the preservative known as Phenoxyethanol to help keep harmful mold and bacteria from growing in your products.