Every day the sun beats down on our bodies and our mops (“hair” for the uninitiated). It’s a beautiful and powerful thing that we’ve never taken for granted. Since we can remember, we’ve always wanted to maximize our outdoor hours. But with that desire, arose a need. A need to wash, to nourish, to coat, to shield and to care for the bodies we send bumping and weaving through the rocks, roads, brooks, beaches, and bodies of water we love to frequent.

California Naturals is a daily, lifestyle brand. Our products are made in the United States from natural and simple ingredients that we print on the front of our bottles and you can smell beneath every one of our caps. They’re the same ingredients used in ‘luxury brands’ just minus the markup.

We believe in radical accessibility and openness (and cleanliness for that matter.) ‘Prestige’ hair and body products have existed on a private, gate-kept beach for too long, for no reason. We’re tearing down the signs on these stingy beaches, letting down our hair, maybe losing a few articles of clothing, and going public with a roster of accessible products designed for a life spent under the sun.



Shelby Wild grew up on the coast, the Gulf of Mississippi, with a family who managed to do a lot with a little. She spent her childhood under the sun; swimming in rivers, surfing warm waves, running through creeks, and climbing Cypress trees. When she wasn’t outdoors, she played scientist, (just like her Dad), making and mixing ingredients in her family’s kitchen.

At 20, Shelby moved to New York and began styling for Vogue. At the pinnacle of the fashion world, Shelby quickly found that prestige hair and beauty products were two things: overpriced and overrated. So in her cramped East Village kitchen, she started experimenting again. Her obsession with herbalism and product creation grew and grew, and her efforts were so successful she landed a line of products in Sephora.

But something still didn’t feel right. These products weren’t accessible to the people she wanted to reach: the little girls, boys, and their families swimming and climbing under the sun, all across the United States. So, Shelby decided to make another radical decision: One that would bring her closer to the sun and the natural landscapes she’d been missing in New York City – She moved to California.

There in a Palisades bungalow, a single mother, Shelby started what would become California Naturals. Inspired by the beauty of her new home state, she laid the groundwork for a collection of products made from natural, high quality ingredients that could be accessed by anyone from anywhere: Little recipes in a bottle that could be trusted, counted on, and bring a smile. It didn’t take long to catch on.



Meet Owen, our Chief Shampoo Officer and resident Californian. Hailing from Texas, Owen is a world-renowned actor + writer, and we’re lucky enough to have him on the team here at California Naturals. Below is an excerpt from his interview with People Magazine, see the full article here.