The coolest thing about being Californian is that you don't need to be born in California to be Californian


Owen Wilson

Meet Owen, our Chief Shampoo Officer and resident Californian. Hailing from Texas, Owen is a world-renowned actor + writer, and we’re lucky enough to have him on the team here at California Naturals. Below is an excerpt from his interview with People Magazine, see the full article here.

Kassia Meador

It’s time to meet the most radiant force of surf elegance. From conquering competitions to entrepreneurship, she has been an unwavering trailblazer for women’s longboarding and surf culture as a whole. It is our absolute honor to introduce Kassia Meador!

Photography by the incredible Lia Turiano (@lturiano)

Alex Olson

Introducing the man, who in our eyes, manages to do it all. The Los Angeles based professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, musician, surfboard shaper, DJ, model, and holistic health advocate has enough creativity to make the world go-round.

Duy Nguyen

Introducing the man who puts versatile in versatile. Whether its burger making, videography, marathon running, or community organization, this fine gentleman is a serial creative entrepreneur and it is our pleasure to introduce him to you all. Without further ado, Duy Nguyen everyone!

Yaya Ogun

We could not be more excited to introduce you to the absolutely incredible Yaya! Her adventurous and energetic persona seems to magically stoke out anyone she comes across – oh and not to mention she also rips!

Mike Pak

Introducing the burger making, city running, meal delivering, unofficial mayor of K-Town, Michael Pak. An absolute Swiss Army knife of a gentleman that we admire immensely and we are pretty sure you will as well!

Jack Halloran

It is our pleasure to introduce you all to the ever-so energetic, loving, kind hearted, and talented Jack Halloran. California Naturals resident surf coach has truly done it all and as a Californian that truly inspires us, we simply had to pick his brain.