Owen Wilson

April 29, 2024

Meet Owen, our Chief Shampoo Officer and resident Californian. Hailing from Texas, Owen is a world-renowned actor + writer, and we’re lucky enough to have him on the team here at California Naturals. Below is an excerpt from his interview with People Magazine, see the full article here.


What made you want to be the Chief Shampoo Officer at California Naturals?

It’s actually my first time endorsing a brand here in the US, and I guess we can't take that decision lightly. I think people like a product that does what it says it’ll do, and a brand that’s doing good things and is led by good people. And luckily California Naturals has all of those qualities. Becoming a hair influencer was not necessarily on my career wishlist, but I’m proud to add it to my CV.

You have some of the best hair in Hollywood — we’re surprised you haven’t been tapped for a hair campaign before!

I'm flattered, thank you. And yeah, it does sometimes feel like my hair enters a room before I do... plus you add the expectation of blondes having more fun... and we're talking about a lot of pressure on your shampoo and conditioner. Fortunately, California Naturals embraces that challenge and always seems to get the job done.

Have you ever had to dye it for a role and what was that experience like?

Going gray (with the help of a wig) for Loki was definitely an experience, and one that I’m sure I’ll live out in “real life” at some point – for better or worse!

Do you prefer blow-dry or air-dry?

If I’m not on set, it’s an air-dry day. Anything else is out of my skill set and is best left to the professionals.

When you get your hair done for a red carpet, what’s your directive to the stylist?

“Surprise me.” Wait, no. Don't surprise me. Actually, just read my mind. Which means hopefully the end result resembles my hair on a “normal day,” i.e. letting the strands fall where they may.

We love that your dog Waffles is in the commercial. What made him qualified for the role?

My dog is the star of the commercial! He (and I) wouldn't have it any other way. He has a good nose for great scents and loves the bergamot and eucalyptus. He gives it two paws up.