Jack Halloran

June 30, 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce you all to the ever-so energetic, loving, kind hearted, and talented Jack Halloran. California Naturals resident surf coach has truly done it all and as a Californian that truly inspires us, we simply had to pick his brain.


What part of California do you call home and have you always been there?

I feel like all of it but specifically, nowadays Malibu is home but it feels like I have spent more time in the water than on the land. Before California though, I was living in South Africa.

What is your favorite part about living in Malibu, CA?

The community. And that Malibu also feels like the country.

We know that you are a surf coach but what is your favorite part of the job?

Well the ocean has been my greatest teacher. Things such as perseverance, dedication, love, health, meditation; these are all things that the ocean has taught me and so being able to share those experiences is incredible and makes us realize that we are more similar than we are different.

As someone who cares so deeply about the ocean, what earth safe aspects of the California Naturals do you find to be most important?

I am all for the 1% for planet commitment. Now more than ever, we just need to be making conscious efforts and decisions like that.

What advice can you give to those looking to get into surfing?

Be patient with yourself. Give yourself 1 to 3 years of just getting to know the ocean, learning the fundamentals, and acclimating yourself with all the skills to help you feel safe in the water. Learn how to build a lot of confidence. Again, be patient with yourself because you're learning how to do something really challenging and difficult. Make sure you talk to yourself kindly just like you would anything in life that's hard. It's a lot of fun and it's really rewarding but it's a lot of hard work.

There isn't a big change in seasonality throughout the year on California's coast but if you had to choose, what is your favorite time of year here?

Would have to be Fall. After all the crowds have gone away but we still have that Indian Summer going on. I mean Summer is obviously great too but there is just too much traffic and crowds going on.

What is your go to surf spot in Southern California? If it's a secret spot though, we understand

My favorite surf spot, or secret surf spot, is probably somewhere in Dogtown but I can’t tell you where…I’ll give you a clue, it’s between the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Pier.

Do you have a go to comfort food in Malibu?

Well I am at Ollo’s right now so let’s go with that!

What is your motto?

Probably love. Ya know, surfing they teach about the aloha spirit which is the spirit of generosity and kindness. Passing things on, so you want to be loving to yourself, you want to be loving to other surfers and other people. And just try to be kind, be cool, and have fun.

What is one part of California that you are looking to visit for the first time?

Honestly, I feel like I’ve pretty much ticked all of my boxes. Been to the sea, the desert, the mountains, down south; maybe Yosemite actually would be cool.