Duy Nguyen

October 7, 2023

Introducing the man who puts versatile in versatile. Whether its burger making, videography, marathon running, or community organization, this fine gentleman is a serial creative entrepreneur and it is our pleasure to introduce him to you all. Without further ado, Duy Nguyen everyone!


What part of California do you call home and have you always been there?

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for about 12 years now but grew up in Virginia.

What is your favorite part about living in Los Angeles?

Living in LA, you can’t help but adopt the lifestyle. The Sun keeps you in a good mood, the weather gets you outside. Very laidback but you can still sprinkle some craziness when you want.

So we know that you are an extremely creative dude but for our readers, can you give them a bit more insight as to how you’ve utilized your creative passions?

I’m fortunate enough to work with a lot of great folks to help facilitate my creativity in different areas. With it we’ve been able to restaurants and bars and also work with our neighborhood and city to really explore a passion of mine in running.

Coming from a heavily creative professional background, what inspired you to co-create Koreatown Run Club?

KRC really kind of fell into our lap. We wanted to simply have something more active-based in the neighborhood than just late night KBBQ and karaoke bars. We weren’t runners but on the creative side, it was great to be able to creative and curate an in-person experience as opposed to a photograph or video, which is what I’m used to. Seven years and thousands of runners later, we’re still here.

Being a big soccer fan, do you have a take on the Messi and Ronaldo GOAT conversation? Or is the GOAT of footy someone totally different?

Messi. The World Cup and comparing both of their recent career choices really did it for me.

Is there one marathon you have run that sticks out among the rest? If so, why?

Shanghai Marathon. Looking back I don’t remember too much of it because the whole week in China with my friends were so eventful if made the race just another day.

What are some of your go to artists to listen to while running?

I don’t actually listen to music while running.

What is some advice you would give to those who want to get into a running routine but just don’t know where to start?

You need to find something/someone to keep you accountable. Obviously I would suggest seeking out a run club that works for you. They’re all different but you’ll find your tribe and soon you’ll actually look forward to the runs. I say this coming from someone who doesn’t like running at all.

We were able to get some of the backstory on why you and Mike started up Love Hour but what is your favorite part of running your guys’ own burger joint?

The best part is just being able to host our friends and family. Even strangers. It’s about showing them a good time and making them feel welcome. I think that’s what Mike and I like most.

Apart from running, running Love Hour, and curating creative content, what are some of your favorite activities/hobbies?

Despite not being very good at it, I love playing soccer and basketball. Playing the guitar is always fun too. And I tattoo my friends!

Speaking of being active and on the go, what is one California Naturals product that helps keep you fresh for all that you do?

I’m always running around and doing something that requires a lot of showers. The 2-in-1 for sure. Saves time and I know it'll get the job done.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to those looking to start their own projects whether it be something like a Love Hour or like Koreatown Run Club?

Have fun and be passionate about what you do. Not every project will be the one that sticks. Keep at it!

What is one part of California that you are looking to visit for the first time?

I want to forage mushrooms up North.

Follow Duy at: @dinelaofficial, @Koreatown, @Koreatownrunclub, @Lovehourlosangeles or head over to KTown to grab a burger and a beer at Love Hour. Duy - we love and appreciate you buddy!