Alex Olson

November 2, 2023

Introducing the man, who in our eyes, manages to do it all. The Los Angeles based professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, musician, surfboard shaper, DJ, model, and holistic health advocate has enough creativity to make the world go-round.


What part of California do you call home and have you always been there?

I’ve lived in many parts of California, most of the different parts of west and east LA, but also Cypress, Temecula and Hemet with my grandparents. Hmm so I don't really have one place that feels grounded as home. Just different stages of life. Closer to the water is home.

What is your favorite part about living in California?

Honestly, I had to move away from California to come back and realize I had a greater appreciation for California. seeing different areas like Hemet and seeing the beauty in all the different surroundings each place had to offer. Just noticing point Dume bluffs felt like j was in Mexico last summer. The diversity this place has is incredible!

Having lived in both Los Angeles and New York, what do find to be their most redeeming qualities?

Hard to say. there so different that they don’t share really anything alike besides the people that trying to make the comparisons to each other to help them feel comfortable. LA for it's space and the opposite for NYC obviously

What inspired you to take on skating from an entrepreneurial standpoint and create brands such as Bianca Chandon and 917?

Hmm just something I always would play around with as a young teenager. I’m sure my dad and influence on me since he would show me ads of his own company in the 80’s. It was very around me when I was a kid with different people.

What are the hardest and most rewarding parts about running your own companies?

Ha! Hardest part, it never stops and constantly telling yourself “this was the right decision." Rewarding, Allowing yourself to be wrong and learn from those mistakes, pivot and grow.

Might not be the right person to ask this question. Running a company isn't easy! As much as we hear, hard work pays off. There's a good amount of luck and timing that's involved with being a successful company.

Do you have a favorite video part that you've made? Moreover, is there a video part that was just exceptionally difficult to get together?

There all difficult to put together. The easiest was swoosh. For the most part I dreaded making videos unless it was in the moment. They never came easy for me.

We think that you were ahead of the curve on truly meshing transition and street skating in an impactful and stylish way, would say that's an accurate take?

There were plenty of pros before me that did it. I would say, everythingwas just hyper focused on one style.

I was inspired by those of late 80’s and early 90’s.I didn’t do anything different just right place right time.

We know that you have been learning different rituals of wellness over the years such as Nauli and Meditation, what sparked that type of learning?

Wanting and deeper understanding and having a general curiosity.

Are you surfing or skating more nowadays? Maybe neither?

Surfing. But sadly haven’t been most of this year due to injury and having a baby. Life happens.

Seems like you usually have a solid amount of projects going on at one time, what are some methods that you use to manage a busy schedule?

You have to be born with Adhd. Which is probably another reason that I got so invested into yoga.

Speaking of being busy. Whether it's becoming a new father (a belated congratulations by the way!), skating, heading up brands, making music, shaping surfboards, or modeling, you have done a lot over the years. But what things truly stoke you out the most nowadays?

Thank you, right now it’s just watching my baby boy. Excited to share all the things I’ve learn with him. I would like to get back into making more music and surfing a lot more but that will come!

What is one part of California that you are looking to visit for the first time?

Hmm good question. all the waterfalls hikes in the San Fernando area. most people that live in LA miss what California has to really offer and I would say really try going out of just LA because there’s a lot of amazing things this place has to offer from arts to Nature.

Follow Alex at: @olsonstuff. We admire him and his unrelenting drive to continuously learn to the utmost extent!